Lajamanu lies on the northern edge of Warlpiri Aboriginal lands. It is a traditional community with a strong ceremonial life. The community is known for its music bands and sporting teams.

Traditionally the country belongs to the Gurindji people, who now live more than 100km further north around Daguragu and Kalkaringi (Wave Hill).

In the late 1970s, by agreement, the Gurindji people from Wave Hill area ‘handed over’ the country and the Dreaming to the Warlpiri settlers. Today, the Warlpiri maintain their language, culture, ceremonies and traditional art. Hooker Creek ceased to be a welfare settlement in the mid-1970s and the Lajamanu Council was the first Community Government Council to be formed in the Northern Territory.

There are regular cricket matches with staff from Kalkaringi as well as social BBQs. Plenty of places to camp, explore and swim throughout the year. Catfish, the original site for the community, is a popular spot.


School is up to Year 10, students wishing to continue studies do so either through the School of the Air or at boarding school.


The health clinic is managed by an Aboriginal Health Board and is staffed by full-time nurses, Aboriginal health workers, and a resident doctor.


  • Sambo Rockhole on the Victoria River
  • Nongra Lake