Latest News

The NTPFES provides an RSS feed for latest news published to the News Room

To receive the NTPFES RSS feed, you will need a feed reader and must also subscribe:

  • Click on the RSS button next to the feed you want (or ctrl, click for Mac users).
  • Copy the URL of the page that is displayed.
  • Paste the address in the appropriate place in your feed reader.

Note: Some third-party readers will not refresh as frequently as is required for live updates. It is recommended that if your reader cannot be set to update at least every five minutes that you check the respective web pages for the most up-to-date version.

Distributing NTPFES media release feeds from your site

You are not permitted to re-transmit, distribute or commercialise the information or material feed via RSS without seeking prior written approval from the NTPFES Media and Public Affairs.

NTPFES Media and Public Affairs does not accept any liability for its feeds.