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A career with the Northern Territory Police Force offers a wide variety of interesting and challenging opportunities with excellent remuneration and conditions. For further information contact NT Police Recruitment at ShapeYourFuture@pfes.nt.gov.au or call 1800 005 099.


2024 recruiting schedule


Recruit Constable Squad 157Recruiting now!
Recruit Aboriginal Community Police Officer Squad 29Recruiting now!
Recruit Communications Auxiliary Squad 88Recruiting now!
Recruit Watch House Auxiliary Squad 89Recruiting now!
Recruit Frontline Auxiliary Squad 90Recruiting now!
Accelerated Recruitment Program Squad 1/2024Recruiting now!


Accelerated Recruitment Program Squad 155March 2024
Recruit Communications Auxiliary Squad 86April 2024
Recruit Watch House Auxiliary Squad 87April 2024
Recruit Constable Squad 154

June 2024

Recruit Constable Squad 156October 2024