Fitness assessment

Fitness assessment is applicable to

  •     Frontline Auxiliary
  •     ACPO
  •     Constable

Swimming Assessment is applicable to

  •     Constable
  •     ARP
Push ups

Push ups - 10 push ups (2 second cadence)

On the command “position ready”, applicant raises up into a push up position with feet no more than shoulder width apart and a relatively straight line from shoulders through to heels. On hearing “the tone” the applicant lowers until upper arms are at 90 degrees, and then returning to the full push up position, elbows locked out. The push up is required to be conducted to a two second cadence.

Test will be terminated once the applicant can no longer maintain the cadence, any part of their body comes in contact with the ground, other than the feet or the hands; or any unsafe physical movement is identified by assessing staff.

Prone bridge

Prone bridge – 90 seconds

The applicant will test and adjust in the lying position before being instructed to “raise up”. Timing begins once the applicant has moved into the prone (up) position. Applicant will be required to hold a relatively straight line from shoulders through to heels, elbows/forearms are to be flat on the ground with hands palm facing down or clasp together; for a minimum of 90 secs.

Anything outside the criteria will terminate the test.

Farmers carry

Farmers carry – 20kg each hand – 5 x 20 metre intervals (100m total)

Placing the weights on the ground and picking them back up at the end of every 20 metres. Applicant is to ensure that the weights are carried with an upright posture, as demonstrated. (maximum 5 seconds on the ground) – no time limit – walking pace.

Test will be terminated if an applicant can no longer hold onto the weight, waits too long at 20m interval or if any unsafe physical technique is identified by assessing staff.

Aerobic test

Aerobic Test – MSFT 20 metres – 6.1

The assessment is cadence driven, and begins post a 5 second pause. The applicant will then be required to conduct 20m intervals in accordance with the cadence. The applicant must reach the 20m line before the “beep” and not leave prior to the “beep”. Applicants are required to place a foot on or over the line, and do not need to conduct a “u turn”. If an applicant does not meet the beep, they will then be given the opportunity to reach the other end and continue the assessment. Two consecutive failures will result in the test being terminated and the result will be the beep level last recorded.

Swim – 100m – forward stroke

Applicants will begin the assessment from within the water facility, and swim a forward stroke – freestyle/breaststroke/butterfly

At the completion of each end (25m/50m pool), the applicant can push off the wall however is not to make contact with the bottom or side of the pool during the assessment.