Make an online police report

Report a non-emergency Report cattle theft

If a crime is happening now, a life is threatened, or the offender is still in the area, call Triple Zero – 000

An easy and convenient way to report non-urgent incidents to the NT Police

Online reporting advice

When should I use the online police report form?

Use the online non-emergency police report form to report any situation that doesn't require immediate police, fire or ambulance attendance, or to get in touch for general advice or queries.

When should I call Triple Zero (000)?

Call Triple Zero (000) immediately if the incident is life-threatening, needs immediate police attendance, a crime is happening now, or an offender is (or may be) still in the area.

What can I report using online reporting?

You can currently report these non-urgent crimes and events: 

  • theft
  • lost property
  • property damage
  • abandoned vehicle
  • absence from residence
What happens when I submit an online report to police?

Your completed online report will be sent to the Northern Territory Police communications team to create an official police job in PROMIS. When this has been done, the actioning officer will contact you to provide your police reference number. You can use this number to follow up on the report in future.

What shouldn't be reported through this form?

Some issues may not be a police matter and should not be reported through the online police report. These include:

  • Barking dogs - this is a council matter and should be referred to your local council
  • Fence disputes - this is a council matter and should be referred to your local council

General advice

Case / Report update

After you have made a report to police and been given a reference number, you can update your report including: 

  • provide additional information (including photos and documents)
  • request an update from police about your case/report
  • withdraw your report. 

To do this, you can lodge another online report using your report reference number OR by calling the Police Assistance Line 131 444. 

Other online options to report

You can report a crime anonymously through the Crime Stoppers website

Praise or complain

Pass on praise about the police 
If you are pleased with the service you have received from us, we welcome praise and compliments about individual members of the NT Police Force or about our police force in general. 

Make a complaint against police
This form allows you to address a serious concern about: the misconduct or neglect of duty by a NT Police, Fire and Emergency Services employee; a policy, procedure or practice of the NT Police, Fire and Emergency Services.

Complete a Victim of Crime Survey
This form offers an opportunity for community members to provide feedback to the Northern Territory Police after reporting a crime.