Emergency Service Awards



Emergency Service Medal


The Emergency Service Medal (ESM) recognises distinguished service by members of emergency services across Australia, and people who are involved in emergency management, training or education.  It was introduced into the Australian system of honours in 1999.

Recipients of the ESM are entitled to use the letters "ESM" after their names to show that their distinguished service has been formally recognised.

The Governor-General awards the ESM on the recommendation of the responsible Commonwealth, state and territory ministers. The medal may be awarded to a person who has given distinguished service as a member of an emergency service or to a person who has given distinguished service relating to emergency management, training or education.

It may be awarded regardless of whether the person is eligible for any other award because of their service. However, a person who has already been awarded the ESM, is not eligible to receive this medal again.

The awards are announced on Australia Day (January 26) or the Queen’s Birthday (June) of each year.


Volunteer Service Medal

The NTES Volunteer Service Medal recognises NTES Volunteers who have completed in excess of five years or more of meritorious service. 

This medal was introduced at the beginning of 2007 to publicly recognise the selfless dedication and commitment to service of these NTES volunteers.

Certificates, awards and recognition

Chief Minister’s Certificate of Appreciation

The 10 year service Chief Minister’s Certificate of Appreciation is signed by the Chief Minister of the NT and presented to voluntary members who have completed 10 years dedicated service in one or more NTES volunteer units.

Special Commendation Awards and Letters of Recognition

Special commendation awards and letters of recognition are intended to acknowledge special efforts by a unit or person who achieves a goal over and above the routine requirements of unit operation.  The award will be on the recommendation of NTES regional members and presented, whenever possible, by the NTES Director.