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Please read all questions and instructions carefully
All sections of the application must be answered. If any item is missed or not completed, the application will not be accepted or processed. If an item is not applicable write N/A

You must make FULL disclosure, which includes all criminal and civil proceedings, all spent convictions, all traffic offences including traffic tickets and court appearances all youth offences.

Failure to disclose information may result in your application not being processed or once appointed, the termination of your appointment.

Resuming your application

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×Please note: You must be of Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander descent to be eligible to become an Aboriginal Community Police Officer

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×Please note: To be eligible for the Accelerated Recruitment Program you must be an experienced police officer, i.e. police constable or a re-appointee (former NT Police officer). You must also have obtained the Diploma of Public Safety (Policing) or equivalent. 

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×Please note: Whilst you would be free to resign at the conclusion of your Gap Year, the position is full time and not limited to 12 Months
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