Media release

Overnight Crime Incidents Leads to Four Arrests


Last night, a sequence of criminal events unfolded across several suburbs, resulting in the arrest of four individuals by the Northern Territory Police earlier this morning.

The incident was initiated in Wulagi, where a vehicle was stolen and crashed in Muirhead. The suspects intentionally obstructed the road in Muirhead, strategically placing a bicycle in the middle. When a Good Samaritan attempted to clear the road, the group allegedly threatened the driver with a machete before fleeing in the stolen vehicle, leading to another crash in Leanyer.

An off-duty police dog handler identified the alleged offenders in Wanguri and collaborated with members of Strike Force Trident to develop an apprehension plan. Upon police presence, the group attempted to escape on foot, leading to a pursuit through Casuarina. Despite disregarding instructions to stop, one individual was apprehended by Patrol Dog Drax, while the remaining three were apprehended by members of Strike Force Trident.

Among the four arrested individuals, one is an 11-year-old who was returned home to a responsible adult. The remaining three youth offenders are currently in police custody and are expected to face charges later today.

Detective Acting Senior Sergeant Dale Motter-Barnard said, “This incident highlights the importance of community vigilance and acknowledges the commendable efforts of our officers in promptly responding to criminal activities. Strike Force Trident extends gratitude to all involved units for their outstanding work in resolving this crime spree.”