Media release

Northern Territory Police assist correctional services


The Northern Territory Police Force are assisting Northern Territory Correctional Services (NTCS) with the management of prisoners due to correctional facilities reaching capacity in Alice Springs and Darwin.

In Darwin, NTCS currently have prisoners housed in police custody facilities at the Mitchell Centre and at the Peter McAulay Centre. Prisoners held at this facility are under the control of corrections, with NTCS staffing this facilities themselves. No police officers are guarding prisoners in Darwin.

In Alice Springs, NTCS have remand prisoners housed in the Alice Springs Watch House and are guarding these prisoners. Alice Springs Police assist the NTCS with staffing when required.

There are existing policies and protocols in place between the agencies to ensure the safety of both prisoners and staff for prisoner management and transfer.  The NT Police Force are providing the use of the police custody facilities at the Peter McAulay Centre as a short term solution, to enable NTCS to explore other options for prisoner management.