Media release

Crash – Middle Point


Northern Territory Police have issued a Notice to Appear to a teenage driver after a crash in Adelaide River yesterday.

Around 6am, the 18-year-old unlicensed driver began travelling towards Marrakai with a passenger in his vehicle.

He allegedly reached speeds of 190km/hr near the Adelaide River Bridge when he attempted to overtake a bus.

The driver lost control of his vehicle and crashed with the vehicle rolling multiple times.

The driver and passenger suffered no injuries in the crash.

Superintendent Daniel Shean said “Police attended the scene and the driver returned a roadside alcohol result of 0.174, over 3 times the legal limit.

“He has since been issued a Notice to Appear for multiple offences including Drink Driving, Speeding and Drive Unlicensed.

“It is absolutely incredible that no one was injured in this crash. We are coming into the Christmas period and the last thing our members want to be doing is explaining to family members why loved ones won’t be coming home.

“This was an entirely preventable crash. Speed and Alcohol simply do not mix and we are urging Territory drivers to take the Fatal Five seriously. Don’t speed, don’t drink or drug drive, don’t drive distracted or tired and always wear your seatbelt.