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Northern Territory Police Force Executive - Statement


The Commissioner and the Police Executive engage regularly with members of the Northern Territory Police Force to understand issues that are concerning them and acknowledge the exceptional work that they’ve all been doing.

The proposed survey is a matter for the NTPA but the sentiment around confidence first started in the months following the event at Yuendumu in 2019. We equally would like to understand the primary drivers of the sentiment as the NTPA Executive has also expressed. It is clear that the last two and a half years for the agency have been extraordinary. Matters relating to COVID-19 mandates and a number of criminal and disciplinary matters involving our members have added to these challenges. We will continue to work with the NTPA on any specific issue that is raised through this survey as we continue to do so for all matters that are brought to our attention.

Throughout the COVID response the entire agency has worked tirelessly at the forefront of protecting Territorians and continue to do so post the lifting of the emergency declaration. The collective focus continues to be on our people and our community.

One of our key ongoing priorities is the wellbeing and support for our members as we perform our vital roles in serving and protecting the community. We know there are many officers not represented at these forums and we understand this sentiment has caused anxiety and distress to some of these members. We want to reach a stage that our entire workforce can be open about their concerns. An understanding of the primary drivers of the sentiment raised by those present in those regional meetings will enable us to work collaboratively in overcoming any issues of concern. We remain committed to working with our people and the NTPA to continue to advance the NT Police Force and the health and wellbeing of all of our members.

Northern Territory Police Force Executive


Jamie Chalker APM, Commissioner and CEO

Michael Murphy APM, Deputy Commissioner

Murray Smalpage APM, Deputy Commissioner

Michael White APM, Assistant Commissioner

Bruce Porter APM, Assistant Commissioner

Travis Wurst, Assistant Commissioner

Martin Dole, Assistant Commissioner

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