Media release

Community Unrest – Wadeye


Northern Territory Police are responding to widespread unrest in the remote community of Wadeye.

Tensions within the community have been heightened since late March and have continued since the death of a 32-year-old man on the 19 April 2022.   

Over the past three weeks there has been significant damage to property, including extensive damage to 37 residences. A number of community members  have been displaced across the area and efforts are currently in place to support and relocate some of the vulnerable.

Local police have been working tirelessly within the region to mediate calm.

Acting Superintendent Bradley Fox said, “Police have responded to numerous instances of violence within the community recently, and it is believed historical tensions between local families are the cause of the unrest.

“A key stakeholder meeting with community members was held last Friday and NT Police are urging Traditional Owners, Elders and family groups to work together to bring an end to these disturbances.

“The safety of the community will always be our first priority.”

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