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Arrests - Assault police - Alice Springs


Two people have been arrested and charged for assaulting police officers in two separate incidents in Alice Springs at the weekend.

A 23-year-old man, who is alleged to have been intoxicated, was refused access to buy alcohol from an East Side supermarket when he spat at a police member on Saturday night.

The man refused police directions to leave the area and continued this aggressive behaviour towards the Police Auxiliary Liquor Inspector, when he was arrested by officers.

The man was taken to the Alice Springs Watch House where he was charged with one count of Assault Police.

A 27-year-old man, wanted in relation to separate assault, is alleged to have physically assaulted police officers at a home in Larapinta on Sunday.

Officers attended a home in Larapinta to locate the man, where they found him asleep in a trampoline. Police approached the man who attempted to flee and resulted in a physical struggle with police. During the arrest the offender allegedly punched one officer in the head, before throwing a jerry can at the other officer and charging at him.

Officers arrested the man, who was taken to the Alice Springs Watch house where he was charged with one count each of Assault police, Fail to furnish name and address and Assault.

Acting Superintendent Rob Engels said “This is disgraceful targeted violence directed towards our people and it will not be tolerated. Our job is to keep the community safe, we are not there to be punching bags for the community.”

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