Media release

Strike Force Trident - Resolution of youth crime spree


Northern Territory Police can report the resolution of a youth crime spree committed between the 1 of January and the 30 March 2021.

Strike Force Trident detectives identified a large group of emerging youth property offenders in December 2020.

Over the course of three months, a total of 110 cases were taken on by Trident. 37 youth offenders aged between 10 and 16 were identified and prosecuted or diverted in accordance with the provisions of the Youth Justice Act. A total of 198 prosecution/diversion files were submitted for the 37 youths. The charges in these files consisted of:

•          189 x Stealing

•          4 x Unlawfully possess property

•          12 x Unlawful entry

•          8 x Trespass on enclosed premises

•          15 x Damage to property

•          2 x Unlawful use of motor vehicle

•          1 x Drive unlicensed

•          2 x Possess controlled weapon

•          1 x Disorderly behaviour in a public place

•          1 x Attempt to commit and offence (stealing)

•          37 x Obtain benefit by deception

•          1 x Assault a worker

•          2 x Escape lawful custody

•          1 x Assault police

•          1 x Engage in violent conduct

•          1 x Receive stolen property

•          1 x Possess schedule 2 drug

 Of the 37 youth offenders, 12 were referred to Youth Diversion and have not re-offended. The other 25 are all currently either before the court or are in the process of being referred to the court.

Detective Senior Sergeant Mark Bland said, “A significant number of man hours was spent investigating these youths, in between all the other jobs ordinarily managed by Trident. These results reflect that effort and I would like to thank all members who were involved. Our members will continue to work tirelessly to ensure the safety of our community.”