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Flood preparedness – Daly River


Authorities are preparing for a possible flood event at Daly River.

The river is expected to reach moderate flood levels on Thursday night before levelling out over the following days and is not expected to reach major flood levels. Current forecasting indicates the river may reach a peak between 13.6 and 13.8 metres.

Incident Controller Commander Janelle Tonkin said, “There has been no evacuation order as yet – the thresholds for evacuation have not been met for this to occur. The community is experienced with flood preparation and know what to do if needed. There is no request or requirement for residents to leave the community at this time.

“That said, planning is well under way if the situation changes and the predicted river height passes that threshold.”

There are currently about 330 people in the Daly River community.

“The local community is well prepared and they have done this before – they know what to expect.

In 2014 the river reached 13.7m and the community was not evacuated. At that height, minor flooding occurs in some houses, however the affected residents can be accommodated either with friends or at the local school.

NT Police have sent additional staff to assist in community preparations and Northern Territory Emergency Service has sent three additional boats to the community in case they are required to help move people in low-lying areas.

“In the event an evacuation is required, residents will be bussed into Darwin where they will be accommodated in an evacuation centre at Foskey’s Pavilion at the Darwin Showgrounds,” said Commander Tonkin.

The Northern Region Emergency Committee has been and continues to meet to support the planning and response phases. Engagement continues with the Bureau of Meteorology and other key stakeholders to monitor and respond to updated forecasts.

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