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Charges – Riotous behaviour – Darwin


Northern Territory Police have charged seven people in relation to riotous behaviour in Darwin yesterday afternoon.

Northern Territory Police were conducting Chief Health Officer (CHO) compliance check points around Darwin. During the course of the day a large group of protestors gathered at Bundilla Lake.

The group began to walk towards one of the control points at the intersection of Goyder Road and East Point Road. A small number of people refused to engage with police and used violence towards officers.

Seven people were arrested at the scene and later charged with offences including:

  • Aggravated assault
  • Assault police
  • Riotous behaviour
  • Failing to abide by CHO directions

Another two men were arrested in the evening after they attended Darwin Police Station. All were bailed to appear in court at a later date.

Superintendent Daniel Shean said, “This behaviour was nothing short of disgraceful. Our officers have had chemicals, rocks and punches thrown at them in the course of enforcing the CHO Directions. These directions are designed to keep the community safe and officers should be able to go about their duties safely.

“The NT Police will continue to ensure compliance with the CHO Directions and will be conducting further investigations to identify the individuals who behaved violently towards officers.”

Investigations into the incident are continuing and it is anticipated that further infringements and potentially more arrests will occur.

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