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Arrest - Drink driving - Alice Springs


A 27-year-old man has been arrested for drink driving after being apprehended earlier this morning.

Shortly before 8am, the man was stopped on Bath Street by Southern Traffic Operations for a random roadside breath test and he later returned a Breath Analysis reading of 0.172 BrAC.

The vehicle driven by the man had not being registered or insured for more than a year. The driver himself was unlicensed.

Sergeant Conan Roberston said, “This is the time of day that people are dropping their kids off to school and driving to work; they are not prepared for ticking time bombs like this on our roads just waiting to crash.

“It was obvious to the officers that he was drunk, so it is not like this person made a mistake, thinking they were ok to drive. We need to work together as a community to protect ourselves, our families and our society from the poor decisions of the few that put the many at risk.

“If you know someone who is thinking of driving while drunk be brave and tell them no, it could save their lives and others.

“If you have had a big night a couple of hours of sleep doesn’t make you safe on our roads.”

The man remains in custody and is expected to be charged later today.

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