Media release

Traffic infringements – Virginia


Northern Territory Police have issued infringement notices totalling $4030 to a 33-year-old man.

Officers from Darwin Traffic Operations located a vehicle on Jenkins Road near the site of a recent fatal crash at 12:10pm yesterday. Police observed nine occupants in the vehicle with five children and two adults unrestrained. Police checks found the man’s drivers licence expired in 2011. The registration of his vehicle along with third party insurance had been expired since September 2019.  In addition to receiving the costly fines, the man also lost 16 demerit points.

Senior Sergeant Angela Stringer said people do not appear to understand the severity of their actions on the roads.

“It is not difficult to abide by road rules. They are there for a reason. Anyone who does not abide by the rules is failing themselves and potentially others. What is extremely disappointing about this incident is that five of the unrestrained occupants were children. It is fortunate that our interaction with the vehicle was for traffic offences instead of a crash”.

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