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COVID-19 – Infringement notices


Northern Territory Police have described the continued non-compliance with quarantine orders as “utterly unacceptable”, after issuing a further seven infringement notices for failing to abide by the Chief Health Officer Directions issued under section 56 of the Public and Environmental Health Act 2011.

Two people found in breach of their quarantine requirements have been relocated to supervised quarantine.

A 43-year-old woman arrived in the Northern Territory on Tuesday 30 June. Against the Chief Health Officer (CHO) directions, the woman flew to Gapuwiyak to undertake quarantine. On Wednesday 1 July, police attended the woman’s address and found she was in a place unsuitable for quarantine and was not complying with quarantine requirements.

A 25-year-old man arrived in Darwin on Monday 22 June. The man also disobeyed CHO directions when he travelled to Gapuwiyak to quarantine. He was found breaching quarantine by trading at a makeshift store on Wednesday 1 July.

Both were relocated to Nhulunbuy where they will complete quarantine at a commercial premises at their own expense.

A 47-year-old man arrived in the Northern Territory from Victoria on Monday 29 June. He was under a COVID-19 Management Plan for a company in Pine Creek and breached those conditions by dining out on Tuesday 30 June.

A 51-year-old woman arrived in Darwin from New South Wales on Tuesday 30 June. She was found to be absent from her place of quarantine following compliance checks. The woman had been out shopping and was greeted by police when she arrived back to her accommodation.

A 63-year-old man and 67-year-old woman arrived in the Northern Territory from Western Australia on Friday 26 June. Both were found absent from their place of quarantine following compliance checks on Wednesday 1 July.

A 38-year-old woman breached mandatory quarantine when she was found absent from her place of quarantine on Tuesday 30 June and Wednesday 1 July.

Compliance teams continue to conduct checks on people who entered the Territory after the easing of quarantine restrictions, allowing people to nominate a place of quarantine rather than hotel accommodation.

Acting Commander Shaun Gill said, “People still aren’t getting the message that their actions are putting the entire community at risk.

“The Territory now has a new case of COVID-19 so it is utterly unacceptable that the selfish actions of a few expose the public to potential danger.

“The Chief Health Officer’s directions are in place to keep Territorians safe. If you are in quarantine, you must abide by the CHO directions. No excuse is acceptable.”

The infringement penalty for an individual is $1,106 and $5,530 for a business.

NT Police and Environmental Health Officers continue to undertake compliance activities.

21, 831 compliance checks have now been completed and 110 fines issued.

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