Media release

Violent disturbance - Angurugu - 4407026


At about 5.00 pm yesterday Alyangula Police were called to a report of a violent disturbance at the Angurugu sports oval involving approximately 500 people.

It was established that the disturbance arose out of an incident that occurred on the football field where a player had been awarded a free kick which upset the opposing player who then threw the football at the player that had been awarded the free kick.

Another player then became involved and the situation deteriorated into a large scale disturbance and the football match was called off, however the disturbance degenerated when community members allegedly began producing weapons including axes and spears.

Several people received minor injuries as a result of the disturbance and no arrests have been made, however further investigations will be conducted to identify those people who were armed with weapons. A number of weapons have been seized by police.

A series of meetings involving community elders have been arranged in order to resolve the issues between several family groups.

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