Media release

Hooning vehicles impounded


Two men have had their vehicles impounded by police under the anti-hooning legislation.

At about 4.10 pm yesterday police observed a 33-year-old man driving a white Holden Commodore SS utility allegedly smoking his tyres whilst travelling from Marjorie Street in Pinelands onto the Stuart Highway, causing other motorists to take evasive action.

The second incident occurred about 5.30 pm where police again observed a 25-year-old man driving a white Holden Commodore sedan also allegedly smoking his tyres as he turned from the Stuart Highway onto McKinnon Road in Pinelands leaving two 10 metre black tyre marks on road.

"Both drivers have been issued with $230 fines and their vehicles have been impounded for a period of 48 hours, "said Territory Duty Superintendent Bob Harrison.

"These anti-hooning laws are in place for the safety of the public and fair warning is given to the hoons on the road that if you drive in a disorderly manner you can expect to cop it in the hip pocket and lose your vehicle."

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