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  1. Northern Territory Police, Fire and Emergency Services (NTPFES) has developed a CCTV Register ('the CCTV Register') to record the location and contact details of private CCTV installations across the Northern Territory.
  2. Information stored in the CCTV Register has been collected and will be used for operational policing purposes.  We will not provide this information to a third party and we will secure this information from unauthorised access.
  3. Your consent to supply this information to us for inclusion in the CCTV Register does not mean that you consent to supply us imagery captured by, or stored on, your CCTV system/s (e.g. video footage or still images).
  4. There is no obligation for you to provide information.  Registration is purely voluntary.
  5. Every effort will be made to ensure that information stored in the CCTV Register is accurate and up to date.  To assist us, please notify us if any of the information you have provided changes.  We may contact you from time to time to verify the information you have provided to us.
  6. If you wish to have your details removed from the CCTV Register, please advise us in writing.
  7. You have the right to request access to any of your personal information held by NTPFES. For more information, please contact NTPFES by telephone on (08) 8985 8926.
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