Public Disorder Declarations

8 July 2024 - Alice Springs

On 8 July 2024 the Northern Territory Commissioner of Police Michael Murphy  APM issued a Public Disorder Declaration (PDD) for Alice Springs under section 135C of the Police Administration Act 1978.  

The PDD is in force and will operate between 10pm and 6am within the declared area.

The PDD will end at 6am on 11 July unless the Police Commissioner makes application to the Minister who has the authority to extend  the declaration.

The PDD prohibits persons from entering the declared area unless they have a lawful reason to do so.

The PDD was declared following a number of serious incident in the declared area over the preceding 72 hours. 

Residents of outlying communities who are currently in Alice Springs are encouraged to return home. Transport is available through the return to county program.

If you are in the declared area between 10pm and 6am you may be spoken to by police, if it is determined you do not have a valid reason to be in the area, you may be directed to leave. Failure to comply with this direction is an offence.

Valid reasons include:

  • Accessing food
  • Attending licensed premises
  • Accessing petrol stations
  • Providing care services
  • Accessing other goods and services including ATMs, laundry facilities, cinemas and post boxes
  • Attending any association or club meeting

Declared area


Can I go out to dinner or to a movie after dark?


Will there be any relief payments for impacted businesses? 

No as this declaration does not affect the flow of persons to the locations.

I am a shift worker – can I travel through the curfew area to and from work? 

Yes the declaration allows for traffic in and out of the area for work purposes.

Are sports, school holiday and NAIDOC events going ahead? 

There are no changes to any events. The curfew is not to change community events.