NTPFES Support Services

The NT Police, Fire & Emergency Services has a range of services to support the wellbeing and mental health of personnel (members, employees & volunteers) and their immediate family, which includes:

  • Psychologists and counsellors
  • an External Counselling Program
  • Peer Supporters
  • Wellbeing & Health Officers
  • Rehabilitation and Injury Management
  • Chaplains

For more information these support services please check out the following fact sheets:

Fact Sheet - Accessing NTPFES Support Services

Fact Sheet - External Counselling Program

To contact one of the NTPFES Support & Wellbeing please email: SupportandWellbeing.PFES@pfes.nt.gov.au

IMPORTANT: This email is only checked within standard business hours and is not monitored constantly. If there is a concern about a serious problem (e.g. immediate risk of self-harm or harm to others), please stop what you are doing and ring 000, Northern Territory Mental Health Services on 1800 682 288 or visit your local hospital.