Road Policing Commander's message

Acting Commander Neil Hayes has responsibility for the Road Policing Command. This includes Traffic Units in Darwin, Katherine and Alice Springs and Major Crash Investigation Units in Darwin and Alice Springs.

NT Police is committed to working with our road safety partners and the vision of our Towards Zero Road Safety Action Plan - a safer road transport system where no person is seriously injured or killed. Our focus is on reducing serious injury crashes and road related trauma across the NT.

Since the last message, our continued efforts saw that during the entire month of November not a single life was lost on our roads. This was extremely satisfying as this meant that no family was left to grieve the unnecessary loss of a loved one.

Again our focus has been to extend our patrols into rural and remote locations which have seen far too much of the road related trauma in recent years, with large percentages of our lives being lost in these locations. We do so hope this continues to spread the message that we can pop up anywhere at any time and hopefully influences better driving habits for those road users.

We continued to perform high visibility Random Breath and Drug Testing activities across the Territory with a further 20,000 breath tests being conducted, bringing the total number to almost 69,000 drivers tested this financial year (as at November 2019). Not all drivers though are getting the message and we are still seeing far too many that are choosing to drive while under the influence of either drugs or alcohol.

Our serious injury crashes remain on track to be lower than the previous year with a 10% reduction of reported serious injury crashes compared to the same time last year, and over 200 less crashes in total.

Now is not a time to become blasé though as we are all too aware that even the smallest lapse in concentration while driving can have catastrophic outcomes - not only for the driver, but other roads users and their families, friends and colleagues. The wide reach of that harm cannot be understated and that is why we will continue to work tirelessly in this area.

With the rains (albeit slowly) starting to trickle in as we get further into the wet in the north, it is essential that people take the time to check the condition of their vehicles. The first rains cause exceptionally slippery conditions on our roads and everyone is encouraged to particularly check the condition of their tyres and windscreen wiper blades.

With that, it is also a time to use greater caution and to continue to drive to the conditions. If it is too wet, hard to see, then please be patient, slow down and give yourself a greater safety gap between yourself and other drivers.

We have had some positive results so far and with your help we can continue to make travelling on our roadways, wherever you are across the Northern Territory as safe as possible and you never know, we will probably see you out there at some point.