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Research and statistics

Northern Territory Police, Fire and Emergency Services (NTPFES) is committed to undertaking and supporting research and providing statistics to deliver best practice throughout the NTPFES. Our values guide our decision making and ensure NTPFES’ reputation is one of professionalism and integrity.

To have an application to conduct research considered at the next NTPFES Research and Statistics Committee meeting, a completed NTPFES Research and Statistics Committee application form and associated documentation must be received by the following document close dates:

                 Planned Meeting Date     
 Round 1  March 2017
 Round 2 June 2017
 Round 3 September 2017


Applications received after this date will be held over for consideration at the following NTPFES Research and Statistics Committee meeting (date to be confirmed).

NTPFES seeks to ensure research is aligned with the strategic priorities of the NTPFES Research and Statistics Agenda and align with our mission and vision.

The NTPFES Research and Statistics Committee has been established to provide governance for assessing and making decisions on research and data requests and to ensure the NTPFES' participation in research is undertaken in a consistent manner that promotes best practice and business improvement.

The Business Improvement & Planning Branch coordinates the NTPFES investment in research and the NTPFES Research & Statistics Committee.

If you wish to conduct research or request data from the NTPFES, you must satisfy the relevant application processes.

Conducting research with NTPFES

The Research and Statistics Agenda outlines the organisation's current priority areas for research.  NTPFES seeks to collaborate with researchers who are interested in undertaking projects that are aligned with the research priorities outlined in the Research Agenda.

If you wish to conduct research with NTPFES personnel, data or resources you must complete the following:

The Research and Statistics Committee will review applications against a number of criteria, including:

  • The alignment of the research with the NTPFES Research Agenda.
  • The potential application of results to Police, Fire and Emergency Services.
  • The utility and validity of the research.
  • Privacy, confidentiality and data security compliance.
  • The impact that the request may have on NTPFES resources.

NTPFES Ethics Committee

If your application to the NTPFES Research & Statistics Committee involves Human Research, it will only be considered after prior approval from the applicants own institution's Ethics Committee.  Applicants will need to include a completed NTPFES Ethics Committee form when they submit their application.

The NTPFES Ethics Committee ensures that:

  • The welfare and the rights of participants in research are protected.
  • There is a uniform and coordinated approach to research activities within NTPFES.
  • All research involving human participants that is conducted by external researchers or commissioned by NTPFES, complies with the principles and guidelines set out in the National Statement for Ethical Conduct in Human Research.

Please submit your NTPFES Ethics Committee Form along with your Application to the NTPFES Research & Statistics Committee as the committees will review your applications adjacently.

Requests for NTPFES Statistical Data

NTPFES, along with the Department of the Attorney-General and Justice provides publicly available statistical data for Offences Against a Person and Offences Against Property (Northern Territory crime statistics).  In addition police statistical data is published by police command area in each annual report.  If you require statistical data that is not already provided, an application can be made to the Research and Statistics Committee;

Research and Statistics Protocols

The Research and Statistics Protocols have been designed to inform and assist external researchers and research organisations wishing to undertake research with the NTPFES. Please refer to the Research protocols when preparing your application to the Research and Statistics Committee and include the signed agreement in your application.

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