Wongabilla Equestrian Centre

Wongabilla Equestrian Centre is a community based not for profit organisation and is a branch of the Police Youth Citizens Club.

It was established in the 1960s to provide young Territorians with the opportunity to participate in equestrian activities, without incurring the costs involved in caring for a horse.

By providing a safe and positive experience and encouraging responsibility and self-discipline, we believe we are helping the riders of today become more confident and reliable adults.

Around 100 young Territorians benefit from our horse-riding program, as well as disadvantaged youth and youth enrolled in the Youth Diversion Program with the Northern Territory Justice system.

Our riding program encourages children who participate in horse riding, to experience a range of physical, emotional and psychological benefits in addition to the development of their horsemanship skills. The unique relationships formed between the student and the horse also helps to improve interpersonal relationships by developing their kinetic sensitivities - the pleasure provided by riding a horse is an accomplishment that is immeasurable.

Sign up day!

Come along to Wongabilla on 8am-11am, Saturday 8 April 2017 to join this exciting group. Meet the instructors and, of course, the horses and other keen young riders.

For enquiries email us or call 8984 3695.

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