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'Enough's Enough' Road Safety Campaign

Too many people are dying on Territory roads

Enough’s Enough is an ongoing road safety campaign developed by
Northern Territory Police, Fire and Emergency Services (NTPFES) and Motor Accidents Compensation Commission (MACC).


The Territory-wide road safety campaign was launched in December 2016 targeting both urban and remote road users. The hard-hitting campaign tells the story of real Territorians and why they’ve had enough of drink driving and people not wearing seatbelts or securing children in proper child restraints. 

We encourage everyone to use our roads wisely, look out for each other and say, ‘Enough’s Enough’.

Territory-wide campaign - December 2016

Alcohol is the largest contributing factor in all deaths and serious injuries on Northern Territory roads.
The Territory-wide campaign looks at drink driving from the perspectives of those most impacted by its affects.

The Hassall family lost their daughter and sister Sharnay when a drunk driver hit the car she was travelling. They join emergency workers, doctors and policemen in saying "Enough's Enough". 

Filmed in and around Darwin, the campaign features the real stories of Territorians. There are no actors in this campaign - just people who have "had enough".

Sorry Business - December 2016

A culture-led campaign to reduce Indigenous drink driving in the Northern Territory.

The Indigenous campaign features artists from six communities telling their very personal experiences with drink driving crashes while developing artwork that symbolises the sorry business that ensued.

The ‘Sorry Business’ stories were filmed in the Tiwi Islands (Bathurst Island), Lake Evella (Gapuwiyak), Oenpelli (Gunbalanya), Alice Springs, Alice Springs Correctional Centre and Yuendumu. The campaign is broadcast throughout the Northern Territory reaching all regional and remote areas through Indigenous TV, Radio, Social Media and on-the ground support activities. 

Always wear your seatbelt - July 2017

A simple hand gesture is the next element in the ongoing ‘Enough’s Enough’ road safety campaign to remind Territorians to always wear a seatbelt.

Wearing a seatbelt increases your chances of surviving a crash by up to 50%  – and yet, Territorian drivers and passengers killed in road accidents are twice as likely to not be wearing a seatbelt as other Australians. 41% of all drivers and passengers killed in road crashes in the Northern Territory in the past 10 years were not wearing a seatbelt.

This campaign aims to change the behaviours of drivers and passengers – through television, print, cinemas, online and a series of radio ads. The advertisements address some of the common problems in urban, regional and remote areas of vehicle overcrowding, unrestrained children and people riding in the back of utes.

To do this, a visual mnemonic has been developed – it’s a simple hand sign that everyone can use to remind people to buckle up. The message is simple – seatbelts save lives.

Enough’s Enough Road Safety In Language – October 2017

Enough's Enough road safety radio ads now available in language