Northern Commander's message

Commander Matthew Hollamby has responsibility for the Northern Command, which includes the Katherine, Arafura, and Arnhem and Western Divisions

Katherine has experienced an increase in assault offences over the past 12 months,
however figures still remain low when compared to past years. We continue to see reductions in the proportions of assaults that are associated with alcohol or domestic violence, though these factors still contribute to two-thirds of assaults in the area. The month of August 2017 saw one of the lowest number of assaults being reported in the past 12 months. NT Police continue to place significant emphasis on domestic violence offenders and support for victims with a view to preventing repeat victimisation. Periodic compliance operations are conducted to ensure Domestic Violence Orders are being obeyed. The reduction in public intoxication and street drinking has improved the amenity of Katherine.

Katherine experiences intermittent spikes in property crime and low numbers can lead to significant swings in reported percentages. In the month of August 2017, there was a short spike in opportunistic unlawful entries to businesses primarily targeting alcohol. Fortunately, the number of house break-ins reduced. Home security is a feature of policing operations and the community can help by undertaking basic security measures, including locking your doors at night or when your home or car is unattended.

In Nhulunbuy, violent crime has reduced over the last 12 months. Unfortunately, alcohol and domestic violence continue to feature as factors in these statistics.  Police at Nhulunbuy continue to work closely with local service providers to target the causal factors of crime.
During August 2017, property crime remained at relatively low levels after a ‘run’ of crimes in previous months. Crimes such as ‘fridging’ can be prevented through utilising basic security precautions.

Two significant events approaching for residents in our area include the Wet Season and Christmas school holiday period, both of which present some policing and community challenges. We now enter preparations for the upcoming cyclone and flood season.
The community is urged to start preparing their basic emergency kits and consider a family cyclone or flood action plan. More information can be found at
The Christmas holidays are an exciting period and a number of residents will be embarking on holidays. If you are travelling this Christmas, please consider your home security well in advance of your departure. Items such as food and alcohol left in unattended houses can present as attractive targets for opportunistic burglars and we ask our community members to take sensible precautions in target hardening their properties.

The Northern Command encourage the community to report all suspicious activity and offending by reporting crimes to 131 444 or via Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000. Further, NT Police encourage the community to access the Neighbourhood Watch NT website,
which provides some practical tips on how you can reduce the risk of becoming a victim.