Central Commander's message

Commander Michael Hebb has responsibility for the Central Command, which includes the Katherine, Central, Tennant Creek and Barkly Divisions

The Central Command continues to experience increases in humidity across the northern parts of the Command with occasional showers as we shift into the Wet Season. It’s again timely to remind the public that those living in communities who could be affected by cyclones/flooding need to consider their preparedness for such events. Further safety advice can be found on the Northern Territory (NT) Emergency Service website, with cyclone and floods being the relevant links. Other parts of the Central Command, particularly the Tennant Creek and Barkly Region, require communities to be prepared for unexpected grass and bushfires associated with the drier weather, with further advice being available on the NT Fire and Rescue Service website.

The September 2018, crime statistics have shown a 15% reduction in Tennant Creek with regards to the total number of offences against the person, when compared to September 2017. Additionally, assault offences are down by 10% and sexual assault offences have reduced by 56%. Police in Tennant Creek continue to work with key stakeholders in the community as part of a collaborative approach to achieving safety outcomes.

When comparing the year ending September 2018 with the year ending September 2017, the Katherine region has experienced an 8% reduction for house break-ins. The number of motor vehicle thefts and related offences are down 35% when compared to September 2017.

Larger centres and remote communities across the Command have seen a heightened focus on targeting harm and social order issues associated with the misuse of alcohol and illicit substances. Activities such as the monitoring of take-away alcohol sales, intelligence led road policing operations, and targeting of secondary supply of alcohol remains a priority of police in an effort to reduce alcohol and substance abuse related harm.

Police across the Central Command will continue to work with the community to support crime prevention strategies. There are crime prevention tips and techniques found on the Neighbourhood Watch NT web page, as well as the NT Government Biz Secure program to help eligible Territory businesses improve their security against the risk of break-ins, with more information on this program being found at Biz Secure.

Members of the public are encouraged to continue to report all crimes and suspicious behaviour via 000 if the matter is urgent or to 131 444 or via Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000. Callers to Crime Stoppers can remain anonymous. The reporting of all crime, suspicious and antisocial behaviour allows officers to address the offending promptly. It also helps the NT Police Force ensure our intelligence teams are able to best direct police patrols to identified crime and antisocial hotspots across the Central Command.