Major Events

The Northern Territory Police Force Events and Emergency Management Unit (EEMU) operates out of the Darwin Police Station on the 2nd floor at the Mitchell Centre and is responsible for the assessment of all Major and other events across the Northern Territory where a Police presence is required or a Police response is anticipated.

Darwin DMC is unique in its size and geographical isolation. This makes it especially important to ensure that adequate plans are put in place to cater for any emergencies that may occur at any pre-planned public event, particularly those which have an anticipated number of attendees that is larger than the normal daily population at that location.

Event management needs to be considered for all phases of the event, including planning, response and post event analysis. The level of service needs to reflect the identified risks and likely consequences. Event planning and response should be adequate to manage event-related outcomes/activities with minimal or no significant extra demand on business continuity.

The key responsibilities of the EEMU are

Planning, developing and implementing strategic operational and administrative policing functions supporting event and emergency management.

-      Establishing and implementing short and long term objectives, strategic plans and operating procedures for all events and emergency management.

-      Planning, developing and implementing a framework to regularly test event and emergency management capability.

-      Establishing and implementing short and long term event and emergency management objectives.

-      Establishing processes to monitor and evaluate the operational effectiveness of Police response to event and emergency management, and implement and monitor changes required for improvement.

-      Establishing and maintaining an organisational structure and staffing to effectively accomplish and execute the objectives and mission of the NT Police as articulated in Vision 2020.

-      Providing strategic advice and consultation to leadership in the development, implementation, and evaluation of modifications and enhancements to existing operations, systems, and procedures

-      Working collaboratively with Strategic Policy Division to manage NT Police review of Major Events, licensing applications and policy initiatives to ensure the achievement of quality outcomes within budget and acceptable timelines.

-      Develop and maintain networks with government departments NGO’s, with an interest in holding, managing, responding to or evaluating event and emergency management.

-      Provide timely and authoritative advice to the DMC TCG as required in relation to event and emergency management.

-      Provide representation at local committees as appropriate applicable to event and emergency management.

The EEMU can also assist members in the compilation of Operation Orders, and with the safe planning of an event with the assistance of the NTPOL Territory Intelligence & Security Division.

For assistance or information on Operations and Planning contact the Unit on (08)89010282.