Holiday safety

Remember to lock your door before you leave.

Accommodation security

  • Always lock your room door. 
  • Secure valuables in a room safe, if available, or at front reception.
  • Take note of emergency exits, stairwells, fire escapes and emergency plans. Be Prepared.
  • Arrange to meet people in the lobby, don’t ask them to come up to your room.

Getting around

  • Walk with friends, rather than on your own, when moving about the city.
  • If separating, tell your friends what your plans are and arrange meeting places and times.
  • Wear valuables (such as traveller’s cheques and credit cards) on your person. If carrying a bag, wear it on your back, secured to your person rather than over one shoulder.
  • If you are carrying money, carry only what you need.
  • Don’t leave valuables or money unattended at entertainment venues.
  • Don’t leave valuables or money unsecured in your room.

In an emergency call 000 (police, fire or ambulance). If calling from a mobile, dial 112.

For non-emergency crime incidents and general enquiries, call 131 444.