Child Abuse Task Force

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Welcome to our Youth pages!

Keeping young people safe is very important to the Child Abuse Taskforce (the CAT).

The CAT is a dedicated team of police officers and child protection workers who work with lots of children and young people throughout the Northern Territory.

The CAT recognises that young people who are well informed about personal safety issues have a better chance of protecting themselves from abuse and neglect.

Our Youth section contains personal safety information for older children (over 11 years) and young people. You may want to discuss these with your parents, family, friends, teachers or other trusted adults.

There are a lot of adults in our community who can help children and families when things go wrong. We have provided links to youth websites and support services which you might find useful. 

We want you to know there are things you can do to keep yourself safe.

Visit our video gallery and check out the Bikkies!

Tell your friends and family about our website – you never know who may need help from the CAT.

We hope you enjoy visiting our site & we hope you come back again.


Keeping Kids Safe!