Frequently asked questions

Can I choose the location where I work?

On graduation trainees will be posted to one of the four major centres; greater Darwin, Katherine, Tennant Creek or Alice Springs. This posting is determined by organisational requirements not by member choice. It is important to understand that the NT Police must provide a policing service to a range of locations in the NT. For this reason, you will be required to accept, as a condition of employment, that the Commissioner may require you to serve at any geographical location in the NT.

Will a criminal record or traffic offence history exclude me from applying?

Applicants must make full disclosure in their application including all criminal and civil proceedings, all spent convictions, all traffic offences including traffic tickets and court appearances, all juvenile offences including police cautions, all Domestic Violence Order History and any bankruptcy proceedings. If an applicant declares any of these matters their application may be taken before the Integrity Committee. Applicants will be advised and given the opportunity to provide a written response to the Integrity Committee. The Integrity Committee will make a determination about the applicants suitability to proceed in line with NT Police Recruitment Integrity Guidelines. If an applicant fails to declare or disclose any mattters, their application will be taken before the Integrity Committee and it will be assumed that the failure to disclose was deliberate, unless the applicant can prove otherwise. Applicants who fail to disclose are likely to be permanently excluded from applying to the Northern Territory Police. To check if you are eligible to apply contact Police Recruitment on 1800 005 099.

Does the Northern Territory Police sponsor visas?

The Northern Territory Police does not sponsor visas. To be eligible to apply applicants must either be Australian or New Zealand Citizens or have Australian Permanent Residence status.

What are the age limits?

Applicants must be a minimum of 18 years of age on commencement of training. There is no upper age limit however the compulsory retirement age is 65 due to legislative requirements.

What if I have a medical condition or disability?

NT Police has Medical Standards for Police Recruitment. These standards are designed to ensure that candidates are able to satisfy the high physical, medical and psychological demands of operational policing. Some conditions are disqualifying and others are potentially disqualifying, however each case is assessed individually. For further information contact Police Recruitment on 1800 005 099.

What if I wear glasses or have colour blindness?

Corrected vision within certain parameters is acceptable. Colour blindness is assessed on a case by case basis and is not automatically disqualifying. For further information contact 1800 005 099.