Do you know your CEPO?

16 February 2015
Community Engagement Police Officers (CEPOs) assist local police in regional and remote police stations of the NT in order to increase support to local crime prevention and community engagement strategies and initiatives.
Senior Constable Jenny Hamilton on the way out to Glen Helen. Snr Const. Hamilton covers the region from Ntaria, Ti Tree, Santa Teresa, Willowra and Harts Range.
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The benefits of this approach for remote police and communities are:

Community benefits:

  • The mobilisation and empowerment of communities to identify and respond to concerns.
  • A reduction in problems and issues of concern as they are prioritised and addressed.
  • An improved local physical and social environment.
  • An increase in positive community attitudes towards police.
  • Reduced fear of crime.

Police-specific benefits:

  • An improved police-community relationship.
  • An improved community perception of police 'legitimacy'.
  • An increase in officer satisfaction with their work.

Shared benefits:

  • A decreased potential for police-citizen conflict.
  • A reduction in crime rates.
  • A better flow of information between the police and the community.
  • Better implementation of crime prevention and crime control activities, as a result of both parties working together towards shared goals.

The CEPOs aim is ‘To promote crime prevention and community engagement through the active establishment and promotion of community involvement, ownership and leadership of community based activities.’

There are eight CEPOs across the Territory. Four in Northern Region and four in Southern Region and they are there to support you with your station’s crime prevention and community engagement initiatives.