Your Choice

14 September 2015
NT Police Southern Command Community Engagement Police Officers Craig DONALDSON and Shane BLANCHARD recently attended a training session with Relationships Australia for the ‘CHOICES’ program.

The programs catch phrase is: ‘CHOICES, ANOTHER DAY ANOTHER CHOICE TO MAKE’ and it is aimed at getting young people to make good choices.

Many Territorians will recognise that catch phrase from the add currently playing on the Imparja Television channel relating to three young Indigenous males making a choice as to throw rocks at cars passing by.

Constables DONALDSON and BLANCHARD are now presenting the ‘Choices’ program at schools in Central Desert Communities and report that the program is proving to be a great tool in addressing a wide variety of issues that youths in the Community are confronted with on a daily basis.

The extended version of the TV advertisement is shown and choices that the students make on a daily basis are discussed.

“What I love about the program is that it can be presented to suit the age of the students, but what Shane and I have found from delivering the program is that from the start of the presentation you really have no idea where the students will go with it,” says Craig. “ It generates discussion ranging from substance abuse, violence, vandalism to relationships, daily issues and respect and everything in between.

“When you ask them what other daily events you have choices in, the students are very willing to participate and offer up their experiences.

“The issues it can cover and the age groups it can be delivered to are endless, I also love the music that accompany the video, it’s very catchy.

“It really is such a simple concept that is proving to be very effective with the students and teachers willingly participatng, from the time the video starts with the catchy music, as soon as the play button is pushed there is a very noticeable silence in the room.

“Thanks Relationships Australia for providing us with a great tool to present in the community and we are putting it to good use.”

CEPOs continue to work with our communities to keep people safe. 

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