YEPO meets the Bush

27 April 2015
When I invited Constable Erin Paterson, to come out and speak to the kids at three of my communities she jumped at the change.
Road Safety with Constable Erin Paterson at Daly River
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Senior Constable Mat Cram, Community Engagement Police Officer, Bonaparte Region.

Erin works as a Youth Engagement Police Officer (YEPO) at Palmerston Station and looks after 8 schools in the area. With permission from the Officer in Charge Palmerston, Erin was able to assist with the schools in my region for three days.

Tuesday was down to Batchelor Area School, where we spoke to the kids from Transition to Year 9. Road Safety with Hector the Cat was for the little kids and Cyber Safety with drug and alcohol talks were provided to the older students. This took the whole day and was appreciated by both the students and teachers.

Wednesday was to Daly River which has two schools St Francis Xavier and Woolianna School. Students at both schools were fantastic and friendly with many interesting questions asked. The older girls were comfortable asking Erin questions that would never be raised with me. Explaining what traffic lights are was a different experience for Erin who was even happy to make the beeps and buzzing noises that the lights make.

Thursday was Adelaide School on the cool and green banks of Adelaide River. This little school looks like a beautiful garden and has only about 36 students. Again we were welcomed with beaming smiles and laughter. The little kids were again full of questions and had great fun learning from Erin.

Erin had the kids enthralled with the road safety messages and opened the eyes and educated some of the older kids with her cyber safety talks. Every school we went to was Erin’s favourite school and seeing how the schools work compared to her Palmerston schools was a bit of an eye opener for her.

Over the three days we travelled aroundone thousand kilometres, spoke to around 300 kids and saw some of the beautiful country just on Darwin’s door step.