Wiya card game Kintore

16 June 2015
Kintore Police Constable Catie Martin was approached local community member Reggie Baldock wanting to stop card gaming in certain areas.
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Constable Shane Blanchard, Community Engagement Police Officer

Card gaming can be the cause of arguments, disputes, fights and other serious anti -social behaviours that can be to the detriment of everyone in a community. It can also have lasting effects on personal relationships and the welfare of children.

After speaking to a number of affected people about this issue, Constable Martin and local Youth Workers Jessica Kragh and Phyllis Rowe devised a system whereby certain houses and public areas that were identified by the community would now be deemed out of bounds for card gaming.

The local youth also got involved in the project by painting signs depicting the words ‘Wiya Card Game’ (No Card Game) that were placed at the locations identified. Seven of these signs have already been completed and placed around the community.

The community have taken this on board and card gaming has now stopped occurring in the areas where the signs have been placed. So much so that other housing tenants in the community have also requested signs to be placed at their addresses. Since the new signage there has been a decrease in reports of the negative behaviours and issues associated with card gaming in the Kintore Community.