Well done to a team of professionals

17 June 2015
It was an amazing team effort to locate and rescue a critically injured man who had veered off the track and fallen down a crevasse on Uluru.
Team Shot at Base of Rock
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A Vertical Rescue team of eight Northern Territory Emergency Service (NTES) volunteers from Alice Springs drove through the night of Thursday 11 June arriving in Yulara just before midnight, to begin the difficult rescue at first light the next day. At this point the man’s injuries were unknown as no one had been able to reach him. The NTES volunteer team was joined by TRG - NT Police, and Park Rangers, meeting before dawn to ensure the rescue was underway as first light.

Equipment and crew were ferried to the top of Uluru via helicopter in a series of flights. This was the first of many significant issues the team had to overcome in order to rescue the man. He was eventually located some 300 metres below the landing point over extremely steep terrain with the last 100m only accessible by rope. The difficult terrain and minimal anchor points meant a lengthy rescue effort to ensure everyone’s safety was maintained. Just after 5pm, the man was loaded onto a helicopter and transferred to the local clinic to be stabilised for evacuation to Alice Springs.

This was an incredibly difficult and challenging job and the effort every person made to ensure the success of this mission was outstanding. It was through the cooperation of the NT Emergency Service, NT Police, Park Rangers, the local resort and tour operators that this mission was a success. The Yulara community are to be congratulated for their support to the emergency services throughout the operation.

All responders wish the man a speedy recovery.