The Borroloola Legacy

12 November 2015
Borroloola has seen a change in leadership with Sergeant Andrea Turner leaving the Station to take up a position with Victoria Police at Swan Hill. Sergeant Al Green is caretaking the position.
Andrea Turner with the Borroloola RSAS
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This leaves her position currently vacant, as is the Senior Sergeant position for Arnhem, which was recently vacated by her husband, Dan Davison, who is now the Inspector at Swan Hill Local Area Command.

They are both missed in the Community of Borroloola and she has attended a series of sendoffs for which Dan returned as well as completed the final packup of their house.

Andrea has made a particular success of the Community Safety Committee (CSC) there – starting the Community’s first Community Safety Action Plan (CSAP) with a meeting of 104 citizens in February last year. Since then attendance has been steady and regular and the interaction always useful. An example from earlier this year:

The OIC of Borroloola, Sergeant Andrea Turner, had all five of her members and two detectives from Katherine working around the clock in response to the violent sexual assault of a 32-year-old woman who was coming back from a jog about 6:00 on a Tuesday morning.  A couple of days’ hard work had turned up very little, despite stills from some CCTV footage being shown around and everything being turned over that could be turned over. Even Noel Dixon, Borroloola’s long-time ACPO, was stumped.  It had come to the point where it looked as if it was going to have to wait until forensic results came back.

It was with two outstanding offenders on her mind that Sergeant Turner convened the fortnightly CSC on the Thursday morning – knowing that she was going to have to tell them that Police had not yet solved the crime.

There were only 11 people at this CSC. The numbers varies from about 10 to as many as 40, all depending on what is going on in the community. About half were those that come every meeting and she noted that one of her bailees had come to sign in and was staying for the meeting, too. The sexual assault came up, of course, and she handed around the stills of the offenders. She could see that a couple of the group were quietly talking together and she hoped that they might have an idea of who they were, when someone asked if they could see the footage itself, because ‘I need to see them move’.  When she showed them the eight seconds of CCTV recording, nine of the 11 (including the bailee) immediately knew who the two young men were and she had their names. Very quickly after this they were found, arrested, interviewed, processed and remanded in custody.

… shows how effective the CSC process can be and that persisting with regular community engagement yields results.

While Borroloola is undergoing a change of leadership its members are keen to continue the work that has gone before in community engagement and who will make the lives of the incoming OIC and Arnhem Senior Sergeant both easier and more satisfying.

Dan and Andrea have left a significant legacy in the Borroloola region.


By Carpentaria CEPO, Sen Const Marcus Tilbrook