Paddy Platypus

28 August 2015
Paddy Platypus, the State Emergency Service (SES) national mascot, has come to the Territory.
Paddy visits PMC
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On Thursday 27 August 2015, Paddy visited the Northern Territory Emergency Service (NTES) at the Peter McAulay Centre, where he met with the Public Education Officer to plan the safety presentations for primary school students. Paddy wants to help everyone to be prepared in the event of emergencies by sharing these important key safety messages:

  1. Stay inside during storms
  2. Have a home emergency kit
  3. Have a family emergency plan
  4. Never walk, ride, swim or play in floodwater or drains
  5. Check on your neighbours
  6. Take care of your pets
  7. Do not shelter under trees in a storm

Paddy was received warmly by the friendly team at NTES, where he was greeted by Megan Warry before posing for a photo with Diana Cumberland and Peter Clouting. Paddy was most impressed with the recent renovations at NTES Headquarters, and delighted in the orange décor, his favourite colour.

On Paddy’s departure he ran into Fletcher Austin, another volunteer with NTES. Together they shared some of their safety messages with Senior Police Auxiliary, Kim Lucas, before heading back to the volunteer unit.

Paddy hopes to spread his safety messages to as many children as possible and urges anyone interested in learning more about his presentations to contact NTES on 8922 3628 or email the Public Education Officer