Making good choices in Gunbalanya

12 June 2015
Acting Senior Sergeant Steve Constable, Sergeant Nathan Conelius, Constable Paul Keightley, community Engagement Police Officers and Papua New Guinea Police Officers attended Gunbalanya School and youth to talk about making good choices.
Making good choices at Gunbalanya School
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Constable Paul Keightley, Community Engagement Police Officer

They discussed saying ‘No’ to drugs and the devastating impact they have on individuals, families and communities. Make the most of every opportunity by utilising the excellent schooling and educational facilities, getting a good education.

First hand comparison from PNG Officers who grew up in communities and who believe education is the key to getting ahead in life. Gunbalanya School Principal kindly assisted in facilitating the school visit by NT and PNG Police.

Most children had not heard of Papua New Guinea and were shown where it is located on a world map. Great two way exchange of information and all parties learnt a lot from this initiative.   PNG Officers also gained a valuable insight into collaborative community safety efforts with Police and community stakeholders.