Kicking Goals at Walangeri School, Yarralin

26 May 2015
This week Community Engagement Police Officer, Constable Robert Cartmill visited the remote community of Yarralin, approximately 700 km south of Darwin.
RSAS Team Leader Christine helps to imporve attendance at school in Yarralin.
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Constable Robert Cartmill, Community Engagement Police Officer

While in Yarralin I had the opportunity to work alongside the local Remote School Attendance Officers (RSAS) and their Team Leader Christine Whitnall. Christine goes out with her colleagues and members from Yarralin Night Patrol each morning to encourage local children to get to school on time.

"We are delighted how the local community are supporting us,” Christine said.

The results have been inspirational with numbers running at close to full attendance.

I went out with the RSAS team and thanked the parents for getting their children to school on time each day and giving them the best opportunities.

Special thanks should go to Yarralin School Principal Chris Dockery and his staff who work very hard to make Yarralin School a great place for children to learn with a welcoming atmosphere.

Remote Sergeant Jon Tickner is very impressed by the high school attendance rate and supports the RSAS team whenever possible in helping local children get to school.

Well-done Yarralin!