Bush policing Elliott style

12 March 2015
Elliott Police is proud to showcase one of its dedicated Police Officers, Senior Constable Lara Asinari has been Policing in Elliott for two years, and her time to move on has arrived.
ACPO Daniel Sandy with Constable Lara Asinari
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Constable Mark Luppi, Community Engagement Police Officer, Barkly Region.

She will soon continue her Policing adventures with Alyangula Police (Groote Eylandt). I recently caught up with Lara and Elliott’s Senior Aboriginal Community Police Officer, Daniel Sandy.

Q – Lara, tell me about your Policing career.

Lara: I served in South Australia Police for seven years. I worked in metropolitan police stations, as well as in the remote Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara (APY) lands. In search for more adventure and bush opportunities, I decided to join the NT Police Force.

I was posted to Alice Springs, before getting the job at Elliott Police Station.

Q – Why bush policing?

Lara: I love ‘bush policing’ and community involvement. It is very rewarding to get involved, especially with the kids. I feel that working closely with people is an important part of crime prevention.

Q – What sort of community work have you been involved in?

Lara: In Elliott, I regularly work with local women and service providers in order to address domestic violence issues. I work with the local Teacher’s and Stronger Sisters Program, I was involved in the Community Pride project, and also took part in community clean-up days – where we involved the local kids in rubbish and aluminium can collection. The proceeds from recycling the cans go to Elliott School. Elliott School has regular ‘Open days’ which Elliott Police always attend.

Q – Lara, what can you say about Elliott as a community?

Lara – Elliott is a great little community. It has an excellent School and many wonderful people – locals and Service Providers.

Q – Daniel, what has Lara brought to Elliott and Elliott Police?

Daniel: Lara is a very good operator. She always gets involved with the community and tries hard to assist with local issues, especially with the women. Since Lara joined us, local women are more inclined to talk to Police. Lara is an excellent role model for Elliott kids.