Bulla School

13 August 2015
Last Thursday I spent the morning with the students and teachers of Bulla School (about 60 kilometres west of Timber Creek) and I learnt about the strength and resilience of these children and their ambitions for the future.
Bulla School
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Constable Robert Cartmill, Community Engagement Police Officer

First off I was taught about the Boab tree by the senior class and what it means to the children of Bulla.

B – Be friendly

O – Organised

A – Always strong and responsible

B – Be respectful

S – Stay safe

I was told the roots keep a boab strong.

These roots include – Family, School, Health Centre, Church, Police, Night Patrol and the local shop. There is a strong emphasis on supporting and helping each other throughout the community.

The older children have a really positive attitude towards the school and this is encouraged by their teachers, Mr Sam Robinson and Miss Clancy.

When asked what they want to be in the future the pupils reply - teachers, nurses, police officers and firefighters. One particular student wants to be my police partner when he finishes at the Police College. The students from Bulla know what can be achieved by hard work.

The previous day I attended a community event in Bulla with Sergeant Jon Dennien from Timber Creek. Prizes and medals were awarded for regular school attendance and individual sporting achievements. The winning pupil had a 98% attendance rate but she was closely followed by two other students with 96% attendance. Mr Robinson, the senior class teacher explained that the children like going to school and they enjoy learning.

On Thursday I spoke about Policing, keeping people safe, making good choices. I answered questions for over an hour from the students. They wanted to know all about what police do each day, all about police vehicles, the names of police horses and dogs etc.

The students then showed off some of their creative talents, I watched a video of a song they had made to encourage good manners named appropriately “Matty Manners”. The students wrote and performed the song themselves. It was inspirational!

I would like to thank the students and teachers of Bulla School for my visit and I want to see them all again soon.