Ali Curung - School attendance success!

18 May 2015
The Alekarenge School (Ali Curung) is enjoying high attendance levels by the children.
Barkly Community Engagement Police Officer, Constable First Class Mark Luppi, Mickey Burton (Team Leader in the Ali Curung, Remote Schools Attendance Strategy), Senior Constable Declan Douglas (Ali Curung Police).
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Constable Mark Luppi, Community Engagement Police Officer, Barkly Region.

This has been achieved with the support of the community, the school, the ‘Yellow Shirt’ Team representing the ‘Remote Schools Attendance Strategy’ (RSAS) and from the members of the Ali Curung Police Station.

Mickey Burton is the Team Leader for the RSAS in Ali Curung and in a recent meeting with Police, Mickey stated, “every School day I am out there knocking on doors and encouraging kids to get to school”.   Ali Curung Police are pleased with the attendance levels and are always happy to assist the School and the RSAS.