Ali Curung Dance Festival

04 August 2015
Ali Curung Police was excited to support the traditional dance festival held in Ali Curung between 6 – 13 July.
Ali Curung Police at work
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The festival kicked off with a BBQ where the local officers were able show off their cooking skills, serving up the best BBQ sausages the region has seen in a fair while, or so the officers said.

Throughout the festival the police were able to engage with all community members and visitors to the community in a festive, informal atmosphere. The Ali Curung Police have been working with the community on several initiatives within the community, allowing for good relationships to build and develop in a bid to continually improve the lives of Territorians.

“The Arlpwe Art Gallery is pleased to be working with the Ali Curung Police on getting a Men’s Shed up and running in Ali Curung to help overcome domestic violence in our community.”

“On behalf of the Arlpwe Traditional Dance Festival Committee I want to extend a heartfelt thank you for your commitment to making this event so successful,” Loen Thompson, Assistant to the Art Gallery Coordinator.