Youth Engagement Officers highly engaging

16 May 2014
Where there's schools and students, our Youth Engagement Officers have a strong presence.
MPG engaging at Kormilda
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While YEPO Kim Dye gives a talk to the Clontarf boys and assures them Police aren't only around to 'arrest people,' they are there to "Keep People Safe," the MPG boys were on site at Kormilda to show them how all of their cool 'toys' work. (Well maybe they didn't show the students all of them).

Out in Berry Springs cyclist enthusiast YEPO Gavin Adcoli, ran the kids through some bike safety initiatives and showed them how they can take care of and repairs their bikes.

With the increasing emergence of cyber crime and online bullying, YEPO Naomi Beale runs a session on the highly regarded 'Think You Know' session. Whether you like it or not—online is here to stay and youth will use it as a strong tool for communicating. 'Think You Know' focuses on what's cool online and identifying what can go wrong. By being proactive about educating youth, this interactive session gets youth thinking about the dangers of their online communications whilst preparing them for their online activities.