Working with the community in Kintore

28 May 2014
Getting the right people on the ground in the community makes all the difference.
Robyn Smart (Births, Deaths & Marriages), Rebecca Nungula (Kintore Community), Sylvia Sharp (Kintore Community) and Constable Catie Martin (Kintore Police).
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Constable Catie Martin (Kintore) & Constable First Class Shane Blanchard, Community Engagement Police Officer.

Kintore residents attending a recent Community Safety Action Plan (CSAP) meeting raised concerns in relation to local Kintore residents getting into trouble whilst in Alice Springs for driving offences.  Some of the offences included: no licence, wrong class, unrestrained children, drink driving, and other alcohol related behaviour.

Local Police Officers Remote Sergeant Michael Kent and Constable Catie Martin decided to implement a driver licencing program.

Fourteen people attended a two day ‘Drink Driving and Alcohol Awareness Program’ in community on May 13 and 14, 2014. As a result of the high turnout and success of the program, a further course is now in the planning stages with four people already enrolled.

Local Police also arranged to have the Motor Vehicle Registry (MVR) and Births, Deaths and Marriages involved to assist those who require the appropriate identification required to obtain their ‘L’ class licence.  So far ten birth certificate application or amendment applications have been put through for processing.  This enables members of the community to apply for jobs, obtain photo identification and driver licences.

A number of locally employed council staff have also assisted in the program and have upgraded their class of licence which enables them to drive and operate a wider variety of vehicles and machinery.

Drive Safe NT will also be in Kintore on May 27 to conduct an ‘L’ plate course where more than thirty (30) residents already signed on to participate.

We are hoping to back this up with another visit in three months’ time. 

Kintore Remote Jobs in Community Programs (RJCP) Co-ordinator Tracey Wallace has been a driving force behind the community to support this initiative.  With the assistance of MacDonnell Shire Council Manager Don Ryan, Centrelink Co-ordinator Cheryl Ryan, Births, Deaths & Marriages registrar Robyn Smart it was a hugely successful day. 

Thank you to everyone involved.