Working together in Arlparra

12 March 2014
Arlparra (formerly Utopia) community is about 250 km North-East of Alice Springs and consists of a large cluster of outstations.
Mark Kunoth
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By Constable First Class Mark Luppi, CEPO, Barkly Region.

Local Police and the Arlparra Night Patrol regularly work together, sharing information and focusing their combined efforts to reduce the incidence of alcohol related violence and crime, public disorder and children wandering the streets at night.

Getting kids to school after a good night’s sleep is a priority for the community.   Barkly Night Patrollers - Beryl Ross and Mark Kunoth, a husband and wife team, live and work in the community and are dedicated to their role. Their work consists of high visibility patrols of Arlparra and surrounding communities. A typical day sees them resolving conflict, helping local youth understand the importance of a good education and the harm caused by substance abuse, talking with parents and elders and bringing people together.

The combined Police and Night Patrol effort in Arlparra, underpinned by mutual respect, focuses on reducing crime and keeping people safe through collaboration, local harm minimisation strategies and education and a genuine desire to improve the lives of everyone in the district.  Arlparra is a fine example of local police and the community working together for the safety and wellbeing of their community.